Leeloo est très attentive et crée toujours des moments magiques ! Elle sait comment mettre en valeur la personnalité des gens et les résultats sont excellents, alors je la recommande ! C'est une très bonne photographe.

Yi Le Liu

Très bonne photographe ! Je me suis sentis très à l'aise avec elle. Elle prend le temps de bien organiser le shoot et recherche à exprimer les émotions de chaque modèle.

Jakub Kosinski

We were so happy to find her in Paris to take photos for us! I especially recommend Leeloo, she is very patient and caring! 👍🏻

Tzu Min Chen

Leeloo is amazing! Very attentive and caring! Before we arrived in Paris, she asked us what we wanted, and we loved the result! Leeloo is very nice, very friendly. 👍 The interaction also made the whole shoot very natural, we were super happy with her. Thank you Leeloo for your work as a photographer! There are so many photos, I can't stop posting when I get home... so many great memories of Paris! Thanks Leeloo 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Lico Jheng

We finished our eight hour shoot with Leeloo and it went very well, although my husband and I were a bit stiff, but she made us feel more comfortable during the shoot, she showed us where to take the metro and buses, she was also a great local guide and took us to a delicious restaurant. The desserts were explosive and delicious! If you go to Paris you can really rely on her, she will capture many beautiful details for your travel memories.

Melody Yeh

Leeloo and her photographer eye definitely help us to get the beautiful memories in Paris, her cares for her clients and her enthusiasm make many of our wishes come true. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Kotama Ou Yang

Leeloo is a really, really good photographer! I love many of the photos she took, I took a lot of artistic photos at various places during the trip, I also love how she captured the unintentional moments for me, a natural, friendly and warm moment. I would have given it a 9.5 on 10!


It was a beautiful experience working with Leeloo! I love the way she wants to learn about other people's lives and represent them with her art. She knows how to make you feel comfortable even if you're not used to pose in front of the camera and her style is natural and spontaneous but still really professional! I higly recommend to everyone to have a shoot with her even if you're in Paris for short holidays because she will be able to give you a precious memory! Thank you Leeloo!

Altea Maran

Leelo aime Paris et elle a à cceur de vous laisser les plus beaux souvenirs de votre passage dans cette ville c'est pour cela qu'elle fait de belles photos.

Bénédicte Tellier

When we first met Davide we knew right away he was very friendly and was someone we could get along with easily. Throughout the photo shoot he would demonstrate what kind of facial expression and poses we should be doing so it made it very easy for us. Even when we decide to randomly pose for a picture Davide would always get into the best angle and take some pictures for us. We can really feel his passion for photography and his professionalism. The overall experience was fun and relaxing. We would definitely recommend Davide to anyone who is looking for a photographer!

Jih Hsin Huang

It's absolutely necessary to have a photographer around when you travel to a place like Paris. Believe me that you don't wanna miss a chance of having epic photos you will remember by for ever. I can say I have no regrets. thanks Leeloo!

Chuni Lu

Thoughtful care and service. Leeloo caught as much as possible naturally moments in my Paris trip. You can truly rely on her shooting skill and knowledge of exploring Paris. The most impressed me that she is not only focus on taking "beautiful "but also unique photo for her guests. It is worth recommend her to friends.

Queenie Tseng

Leeloo présente ''qui vous êtes'' à travers son objectif. La photographie de Leeloo ne consiste pas seulement à capturer de belles images, elle veut comprendre l'histoire de la personne, ses aspirations et la signification derrière les photos. Leeloo a pris le temps d'apprendre à me connaître et a été patiente dans sa communication avec moi. Ses prix sont très bas par rapport au temps et aux efforts qu'elle y consacre et elle semble se soucier de tout au-delà des attentes de ses clients. Ce fut une agréable surprise de travailler avec elle et c'était génial d'avoir quelqu'un qui se souciait autant de moi. Je me souviendrai de ce voyage, j'ai eu l'impression de me retrouver à Paris ( en mai 2021 alors que tout était fermé). Leeloo est également une photographe très efficace et consciencieuse, j'aime sa façon de travailler et j'espère que nous pourrons à nouveau travailler ensemble à l'avenir.

June Yeh

A very special shoot. This year was a complicated year with a lot of disruptions, and it was also the most challenging year for me in Paris. Before the shoot, Leeloo would listen to my story and discuss the way I wanted to present it, so that the photo is not just a souvenir but a story with an abstract meaning that I wanted to express. It is also because when you share it with your friends, it is a story and not just a photograph. This collaboration has made me realise that it is not easy to find the right photographer, and because of this experience I know that a photographer is not just a photographer, but that Leeloo really wants to tell a story through the photograph to show your personal style and has a very delicate approach.

Yi Chun Chao

Leeloo is a really great photographer!!!! Always with patient and detailed!

Vicky Lai

The photoshoot with leeloo was quite special compared to what I had before. I really liked the idea of her project - to show the "story" of a person through simple photographs. Leeloo divided my story into several parts (childhood, first love, exploration, lost) and we tried to feel the energy of a place to show the particular moment in my life. I felt no pressure during the photoshoot with Leeloo. It's very important when photographer can make you feel comfortable and relaxed. The result we got is just amazing! If you want to see you (the way you really are) in the pictures, you should come to Leeloo. Highly recommend !

Irina Mikryukova

Amazing photographer! It was a pleasure to work with Leeloo She is very talented and creative! Highly recommend!! Замечательный фотограф! Было приятно работать с Leeloo Она очень талантлива и креативна! Настоятельно рекомендую!!

Valeriia Ko